Our Board of Directors

ܹͼ Astro Board of Directors is a group of caring business and community leaders who are committed to providing opportunities that leads to victorious lives for youths in the US and Africa. Members are advocates for the organization and play an integral role in ܹͼ’s development and program efforts.

Eugene N. Harmon

As a CEO, Eugene oversees the entire management of ܹͼ through strategizing, planning, implementing, monitoring, and evaluating all academic and recreational programs of the organization.

Dr. Jim Krause

As a Board Member, Dr. Krause is assigned with recruiting, fundraising, and placing a team of professionals who have served our global sports industry in a variety of roles.


As a Board Member, Mayel is responsible for the strategy, program development, and growth of the organization.

MR. Theo Economides

As a Board Member, Mr. Economides serves as the contact point for every board member on board issues. Sets goals and objectives for the board and ensures that they are met.

MR. Mitchell Kazanjian

As the director of coaching, Mitchell Kazanjian is responsible for developing the coaches' ability to asses, train, and further educate the coaches on different approaches and styles of play.

Janine M. Mason

As a Board Member,  Janine is responsible for tracking cash flow, analyzing the organization's financial strengths and weaknesses, and proposing strategic directions.

Atty. Preston Chea Doe

As a Board Member, Attorney Preston Chea Doe is responsible for providing legal support and guidance to the organization.

DR. Anas Maqbool Khan

As a Board Member, Dr.  Khan is responsible for developing monitoring and evaluation tools for the organization.

John Sachau

Mr. Sachau is responsible for data research, collecting, organizing, and analyzing opinions and data to solve problems, explore issues, and predict trends.

John Ellie Kollie Jr

John is responsible for overseeing daily operations, and supporting general managers as well as conducting regular performance appraisals for Liberia (West Africa).

MR. Abraham B. Feika

Mr. Feika is responsible to train and monitor the team coaches and help them plan and implement practice sessions. Design and administer a continuing education program for the team coaches.

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