Our Year-Round Soccer Program allows your child to remain active and involved with the sport at all times during the year. This is an 8-month program with an option to renew at the end of each.

There will be two weeks break between each season during the year:

Please note: If you accept a position for your child with ܹͼ Astro’s Year-Round Soccer Program, your child is expected to fulfill that commitment for the entire year. You will be responsible for paying the entire fee — refunds will not be given.*-

The fee is $80 monthly for 8 months:

Late payments will be subjected to late fees as directed by the Executive Director.

It is the player’s/parent’s responsibility to make the payments on the dates provided above.

The deposit/ first month must be paid by check, cash, or through an online payment method for $80. We will be able to accept credit card payments for an additional fee (about 3% collected by Demosphere).

The fees will include:

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