The Academy’s first group of graduating student-athletes 2022

Saturday was a unique moment and blessing in the history of ܹͼ. The Academy honored its first group of high school graduates. This is history-making at ܹͼ. The Academy is continually working hard to emphasize the value of education among youths.
Having our first group of graduating student-athletes is a huge step and accomplishment for the Academy’s Mission, Vision, and Values. We are incredibly excited for our graduates, these student-athletes stayed with the program and have created a roadmap for their peers.
It was not an easy journey for these graduates, however, they did it and they have given hope to other student-athletes at ܹͼ, knowing that with hard work and patience, we can all achieve what we want. Please join us in congratulating our first-ever high school graduating student-athletes!!!!!




Let’s Keep Making History!

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